Seminar Tutorials on CD

Here's our list of past seminars available on audio compact disc. All seminars were led by Len Friedman. Len Ragozin was often on hand to add to the discussion. We suggest new players start with seminars 1, 2, 7 and 15.

There is no charge or shipping fee for Seminar #1, which is part of the introductory kit. All other seminar discs are ten dollars ($10) each, including shipping.

We can ship to any address in the continental United States, but not to Post Office boxes. Seminars are usually shipped via FedEx Ground service. Please allow 10-14 days for delivery.
For information about shipping to Canadian addresses, foreign addresses or express shipping, please call us at 212-674-3123.

1. Introduction and Basics.
       The most fundamental way of getting an edge from The Sheets
2. Introduction to Condition Handicapping.
       Excellent, clear analysis of how some of our experts play. Recommended for everyone.
3. Condition analysis continued.
       More examples of forward-going horses.
4. Explosive, forging, and recovery lines. Part I.
5. Explosive, forging, and recovery lines. Part II.
6. Explosive, forging, and recovery lines. Part III.
7. Turf Racing.
       A must for everyone, would-be expert or casual player.
8. Layoff lines.
       Good stuff, though somewhat technical.
9. Two-year-olds, and "short" line horses.
       A look at horses with very few races.
10. A Day at the Races.
        Friedman goes over a day's card.
11. Two-year-olds.
        An in-depth analysis of various two-year-old patterns.
12. Reviewing a past seminar, and notes on winter racing.
        Wherein we find out if the horses agreed with LF's analysis.
13. Lasix and other topics.
         Like it sounds. Includes notes on the"0-X" pattern.
14 Doesn't exist. No tape was made.
15. Betting strategies.
A very useful tape that might change the way you play the game.
16. An analysis of the 1990 Kentucky Derby.

Please contact our office at 212-674-3123 with the numbers of the tapes you want and have your credit card handy.

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